Company Profile

Petroleum Equipment (Thailand) CO., LTC (PET) is an API Certified Seamless manufacturer of Oil Country Tubular products located in Amata City Rayong Industrial Zone, Rayong, Thailand. PET is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to monogram products specified in API-5CT and Line Pipe products manufactured and tested per API-5L. Under the provisions of the API license agreement, PET was granted the right to use the “Official API Monogram” that meet the conditions specified in API-5-CT and assigned an API Certification number: 5CT-2239, with an expiration date of August 5, 2025.

-The scope of the API-5-CT license includes the following: Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Couplings J55, PSL2, L80(1), PSL2, N80(1), PSL2, N80(Q), PSL 2, P110, PSL2, Manufacturer of Seamless Casing and Tubing  (Plain End), Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing (Threaded or Coupled) J55 PSL2, K55, PSL 2, L80 (1), PSL 2, N80 (1), PSL2, N80 (Q), PSL 2, P110, PSL2, Pipe Threader

PET was granted the right to use the Official API Monogram on manufactured Line Pipe products that meet API 5L specifications and was assigned a certification number:  5L-1233, with an expiration date of August 5, 2025. Line Pipe sizes: ½” thru 30”, Grades: X-42 thru X-52.

-The scope of the API 5L license includes the following: Manufacturer of Line Pipe Plain End at PSL2 – Type of Pipe: SMLS / Delivery Condition: N / Max. Grade:X52

API also certified and assessed PET quality management system to conform to API Spec Q1, 9th Edition, verifying approval of their quality management system. The certification No. Q1-4595, approved the quality management system for the following:

-Manufacturer of Seamless Plain End and Threaded and Coupled Casing or Tubing; Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Couplings and Plain End Line Pipe; Provision of Threading Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

PET Seamless Manufacturing Process

PET Seamless Manufacturing process includes a high-precision Accu-Roll - Multistand Pipe Rolling Mill (MPM) that utilizes a 2-Roll MPM along with 14 reduction stands that combine modern electronics and hydraulic technology which guarantees a consistent microstructure, wall thickness and excellent quality of the inside and outside surfaces, along with tight diameter and roundness dimensions for each pipe produced.

Centric Pipe products produced by PET are manufactured to Centric’ s strict guidelines and precise specifications that exceed typical API 5CT requirements. PET’s Full-Body Ultra-Sonic and Electro-Magnetic Inspection’s (EMI), guarantee a defect free Seamless pipe.  Centric Pipe will perform random inspections such as a Full-Body Ultra-Sonic inspection on PET’s incoming inventory to confirm their product is meeting Centric’ s strict manufacturing and quality standards.  For proprietary grades such as High Collapse, IP High Collapse, and Restricted Yield, samples for such testing will be conducted by Centric Pipe to confirm the PET products are meeting proprietary and API grade requirements.